The Way Of The Aguga

Over six hundred and twenty two years ago, deep in a jungle, lived a people that were called the Baguga. Being that they were tucked away that far back in time and that far deep in the jungle, it is highly unlikely that you would have heard of them. And so it is also unlikely that you would have known about their claim to fame which lay in the fact that one day, many days into the future, they would change the course of history for another people, also living deep in a jungle, called the Aguga.
The average life expectancy of the average Bagugan was very average. Such being the case, they soon dwindled away before making it into the days of the present. And, for the same unlikely reasons mentioned earlier, this collective disappearance of an entire tribe went largely unnoticed by history. And so the Aguga and the Baguga, being as it were distributed over the time spectrum, never did meet. And so it was very unlikely that in the future too there was any chance of their paths crossing. But cross they did. And in a way that quite changed the course of history. This caused great trauma to the solitary Bagugan who was single-handedly responsible for such a historically significant act.
It might very well have never been, except for a midnight walk over six hundred years ago that walked its way into the history books. One night, the king of the Bagugans, sat up from a deep dream of peace, and walked off into the jungle. He walked to the edge of a cliff, and still fast asleep, walked right off it. The other Bagugans who had silently watched this, were a little puzzled, but attributing it to the mysterious ways of the jungle, made a quick note about it in a book in which they made a note of anything that puzzled them, and went back to sleep. The mysterious ways of the jungle, however, went to work. They reached out to the rapidly descending king of the Baguga, and catching hold of him hurled him six hundred years into the future, into the land of the Aguga.
The Agugans were not much different from the Bagugans. It was almost as if the passage of time had ignored them completely allowing them to remain untouched by the progress made by modern science. What is more likely is that because they were so deeply tucked away into the jungle, progress simply couldn’t find them to do touching of any kind. So much so that a Bagugan from six hundred years ago could have walked into a Agugan village of the present, and nobody would have been any the wiser. Which is what happened. Only, a Bagugan didnt walk into the village, he fell out of the sky into it.
The Offering to the Great Unknown of the Jungle was an annual ritual of the Agugans. Some unlucky soul was usually persuaded at spear point to volunteer to be the sacrificial offering to the Great Unknown of the Jungle, which involved climbing into a huge big cauldron and being sacrificially cooked into a tasty dish for the Great Unknown. Whether they did it out of some deep-rooted faith or out of sheer fear of the Great Ugly Beast of the Jungle that would be unleashed on them if they didn’t, is not known. But they did it with great dedication, complete faith, and a fair amount of religious sentiment. They also did it with much yelling, screaming and consumption of large amounts of a vile jungle spirit. Usually they would get so drunk on all that vile jungle spirit that they would soon pass out and leave the volunteer standing alone in the huge cauldron, very cold, very miserable, and very un-sacrificed. And then it was usually left to the volunteer to complete the job, who would then go on and sacrificially drown himself in the huge cauldron. And so it went on, year after year, the Agugans barely managing to keep the Great Unknown of the Jungle happy, who in turn kept from unleashing the Great Ugly Beast of the Jungle that would have eaten them all up in one go.
And it was this very sacrificial cauldron that the Bagugan fell into!
Signs played a great part in the life of the Agugans. Looking for signs was a way of life. Given that the rest of the world had failed to find the Agugans, things like television, the fashion industry and Harry Potter were largely unknown entities and so they relied on signs to show them the way. Entire lifestyles and life-cycles were shaped by signs. For example, waking up in the morning was seen as a sign. In a way it was, it was a sign that you were alive, and that itself was motivation enough to go hunt for food, attend seminars and do whatever else it was that helped contribute to the general advancement of your race. And so it had been all these years. Given this background, a strange object falling out of the sky right into their sacrificial pot was also most definitely a sign.
A hush descended on the wild, drunken party, the kind of hush that descends when wild, drunken parties are interrupted by strange objects falling out of the sky.
And then,
“A Sign, a sign, look Googa, a SIGN !!”
“Yes, Booga, but what is it supposed to mean?”
And the hush descended again.
This was a sign that puzzled them. All their earlier signs had been pretty straightforward and fairly easy to figure out. For example, if you and your buddy happened to be sitting in the jungle and your stomach suddenly made strange, growling noises, then it was a sign that you were very hungry. If a savage beast suddenly came upon you and your buddy and made strange, growling noises and chomped up your buddy, then that was a sign that he was very hungry. And if he made strange, growling noises and chomped you both up, then that was a sign that he was really very, very hungry! All these were signs that they could deal with. But this was something else.
The perplexed group gaped at the Bagugan standing in the pot. The hush continued. The group gaped some more. The hush continued. This was one group of very perplexed Agugans.
The yet-to-be-sacrificed volunteer standing around was perplexed too.
But the most perplexed was the Bagugan. You would be too, if you had gone to bed in your royal grass hut one night and then suddenly woken up six hundred years later inside a bubbling cauldron surrounded by a bunch of perplexed, gaping people who kept scratching their heads and saying “A Sign, a sign!!” along with an equally perplexed un-sacrificed as yet volunteer, who kept going “Huh?” over and over again.
It was, indeed, a perplexing time for all.
It soon began to dawn on the perplexed lot that if an explanation did not present itself to them soon they could easily end up spending the rest of their lives in the same perplexed state. It also dawned on them that this interruption was not good for their ritual. If they didn’t serve up one Agugan, well cauldroned and tastefully done, to the Great Unknown of the Jungle, they would all collectively become one tasty dish for the Great Ugly Beast of the Jungle!
The chief of the Agugans walked up to the pot and gaped at the one standing inside. He gaped right back. It further dawned on the chief that all this gaping back and forth was not going to help anyone in any way so he decided to go ahead with the ritual with the strange skydiver in the pot. The Great Unknown of the Jungle would just have to be happy with an imported offering.
The Bagugan however did not think that this was such a good idea. He quickly jumped out of the pot and took off into the jungle with the whole Agugan tribe in hot pursuit, the ritual forgotten. Meanwhile, the Great Unknown of the Jungle, arrived at the ritual. There were no Agugans waiting with a tasty well cauldroned Agugan ready to be served up to him. He unleashed the Great Ugly Beast of the Jungle on the whole of the Agugan village. The Beast hunted them down and gobbled them all up resulting in the disappearance of an entire jungle civilization!
And so it came to pass that an entire civilization – the Aguga – disappeared overnight right off the face of the earth! This significant event left behind a very well fed and satisfied Great Ugly Beast of the Jungle, many perplexed historians trying to figure out how to enter this event in their history books, and one highly traumatized Bagugan who realized that he had been single-handedly responsible for annihilating an entire civilization right off the face of the earth!