Silent Moon

The moon was full. The sky was black. The river ran wild. And the music was loud. There was madness in the air.

The wind was high. And it blew his mind. No matter what he thought, the wind blew his mind. Because the wind was high.

There was the sound of silence. The sound of silence was expensive. You had to buy the sound of silence. To some the sound of silence was better than the sound of music. To some it was simply too expensive.

And the moon was full. And the sky was black. The river ran wild. The wind was high and it blew his mind.

And then the sound of silence shut out the loud music. It shut out the full moon and the black sky, the river running wild and the wind blowing high. The madness in the air quietly disappeared.

The silent moon looked on as everyone went back home to the sounds of silence that filled their empty little worlds.