Play Me

You stood in the wings, your palms clammy with sweat, your heart pounding, your stomach a tight knot, waiting for the curtain to go up.

This was opening night. All the hard work that you had put in, those endless rehearsals, the long hours going over the lines, the moves, the dialogues, everything came down to this one moment. A moment when the curtain would go up, a deathly silence descend upon the audience, the stage lights go on, and you would walk into the light.

The curtain went up to the sound of burning violins, and you walked out onto that stage. The light was in your eyes. The audience a blank mass of silence. You could feel him out there as you always had. And as before, you would play to him. You would take him on a fantastic voyage with your magic, showing him the world in your own special way, teaching him about the simple pleasures of life and the joy of revelling in those moments. And that night you played your heart out. You gave it everything you had, closed your eyes, reached out with your being till you could feel every thought in his head, every little movement of his body, and every small reaction that came from him. Your grand performance came to a close and the audience rose as one when the curtain came down. And though it all you heard him as you took a bow.

You had felt his excitement. You had given him a flaming torch, and in it’s brilliance he had seen a vision. A vision that he had accepted without doubt, without pause, without reservation. It was simple and it was complete.

You had walked out into the night, where the crisp air would  clear your head and help you think. Your mind went sliding back to the voices that you had heard in your head, voices that had kept you awake nights. Voices that had told you stories, stories that had disturbed you and sometimes frightened you. They had told you stories about strange faraway lands, wonderful adventures, interesting people and mysterious feelings.

And you had spent time trying to find a way to deal with those feelings. They were feelings that had wrenched at your heart. They had welled up within you and poured out till you were totally overwhelmed by them. They had screamed at you till you had gone quite deaf in the ears. They had filled your soul with a strange sadness that was beautiful. They had shown you a hazy picture that you were very reluctant to understand because you were so confused. You were then,  a beautiful mass of confusion, a fairy tale princess torn between conflicting emotions and feelings that  you could not begin to comprehend.

You walked till you came to a quiet clearing. You had heard them say that on a quiet day when the wind is down and the tall grass is calm, if you close your eyes, and listen to your heart, you can hear a voice that only you will recognise. This will be a voice which will talk about the brown of the earth beneath your feet, the freshness of the air that you breathe, and the clarity of the sky above you.

And right then and there, you placed your hand over your heart. And slowly from somewhere within all the swirling madness, you were able to hear the voice, and you grasped at the thread, a faint flicker of a beacon that nudged your restless mind, and you managed to separate out the one thought that overrode it all. One single truth that sliced through all the confusion and pierced you to the very depths of your soul, a truth so simple and so pure that it obliterated all others in its path and stood on its own – honest and sincere . It stood before you in all its glory, illuminated with the blazing light of a thousand suns, a message carved out for the world to see, a world as you had defined it. In that one blinding moment, you saw, and recognized, the truth that lay in your soul.

And above you, under the darkening crimson skies, the burning violins played on.