The Bangalore Years

1987 – 1997

We moved to Bangalore in April 1987  and took up residence in a flat on Rest House Road, which was located just behind Brigade Road.

I had got a job in Hinditron Computers Pvt. Ltd. It was a company that was associated with Digital Equipment which later through a joint venture became Digital Equipment India Ltd. My office was located on Bellary Road, near Palace Orchards, and it used to be a half-hour commute those days. It was a time when the roads were not crowded and the traffic was decent. I dont remember a traffic jam during my entire stay in Bangalore!

In the beginning of January 1990 I had to travel to the US to work on a project. I was to spend the next one year in the Boston area, working out of a Digital facility in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. I had an apartment in Lowell, Massachusetts, which was a 15 minute drive from my workplace. I returned to Bangalore at the beginning of January 1991.

I spent the next five years working for Digital Equipment in Bangalore. in January of 1996 I moved to Hong Kong to work in the office there. ’ I resigned from Digital, Bangalore, in October 1997 and we moved to Mumbai in November 1997.