A Crystal Vision

I look down on the room below.

A solitary wineglass, black stemmed, stands on a little red patch, alone, and empty. A shaft of light angles in and fills up the glass. The light spills over and bounces off tiny particles of dust that lie carelessly scattered around the glass. A flight of stairs lined with brilliant green ferns, leads down to the room.

I walk down the stairs, lit by sunlight spilling off the ferns. I cross a floor that rustles with shadows from curtains hanging in hazy patterns across the walls. I reach for the glass, now filled with sunlight, and pick it up. I walk back across the room, stardust clinging to my heels. I slowly climb up the stairs lined with diamonds that wink wickedly in the light spilling in with increasing intensity.

I look down on the room below, filled with swirling shadows that refuse to stand still. I wait there glass in hand, as the shadows wash over me. After what seems an eternity I raise the glass to my lips and I notice that it is empty. My mind wanders away slowly and mingles with the dancing shadows in the room. The wineglass slowly crumbles and sprinkles onto the floor.